Our experience in airport retail sector started years ago and since became our core business. Travel essentials, snacks and drinks, newspapers, premium international chocolate brands, our stores offer quality products in a soothing atmosphere with friendly and qualified staff.



All You Need is a modern and bright convenience store specialized in travel essentials.

All You Need is a self-service store with a wide range of products to meet various needs such as luggage and luggage accessories, bags and packing bags, travel essentials, maps and books, newspapers, tech, games entertainments for kids and adults and also snacks, drinks and cold beverages, premium international chocolate brands, and also cigarettes and tobacco products.

With 3 stores located in Newark Liberty International Airport, our focus is to offer all of the essential travel items needed before a flight and to deliver these products in a relaxing atmosphere designed to reduce some of the stress of travel.



The Chocolate Market is an inspiring and exciting place dedicated to the delicious art of chocolate. 

This boutique, exclusively created for San Francisco International Airport, provides both industrial and artisanal chocolates: a selection of the most famous industrial chocolate brands and a wide range of products of three renowned artisanal chocolatiers: Philip Marks Chocolates (San Francisco), XOX Truffles (San Francisco), and Canonica (Switzerland).

At The Chocolate Market, we aim at making customers forget the outside world by offering the most delectable premium chocolate products in an authentic and appealing environment. Our chocolate boutique showcases the artisanal processes and the origin of cocoa thanks to an amazing design: a unique and eye-catching chocolate cascade and a “chocolate river” built into the floor which goes through the shop, showing - under glass - the different steps of cocoa processing.