Settled in the US since 2017, SWISSCANONICA US is part of the SWISSCANONICA Group, founded in Geneva – Switzerland- in 1948 by Mr. André CANONICA. The company, a family run business, is active in the airport catering and retail sectors but also in the chocolate manufacturing.



Since ever, the group has been active in managing restaurants and hotels in Switzerland and Europe.

Since its beginning in 1948, The SWISSCANONICA Group develops a high-quality product range for its customers providing customized and thoughtful services in the food and beverage industry. All projects are developed around modern and innovative concepts that meet different needs. SWISSCANONICA focuses its strengths on its experience in the hospitality industry that resulted in deep knowledge of customer needs.

 In 1968, as the group launched its own premium chocolate brand, it opened in 2011 its own chocolate laboratory in which Canonica chocolates are crafted by the award-wining Chocolate Master, Samuel ROMAGNE. Nowadays, the range of chocolates is distributed to business clients around the world according to their special needs and expectations with the guarantee of high quality and handmade expertise.

SWISSCANONICA policy is led by one common vision: becoming a leader in the hospitality industry and providing efficient and leading concepts around the world.

Our Commitments




Sales points in the US

Since 2018, SWISSCANONICA manages several POS in Newark Airport and San Francisco Airport.


People in the world

SWISSCANONICA employs around 300 people on different sites through the world.

ISO 9001


2015 -> The ISO certification of SWISSCANONICA is a sign of confidence towards the continuous improvement made towards customers, staff, shareholders, suppliers and partners.


Years of experience

A family business run in the fields of catering, restaurant, retail, food manufacturing, hotels and laundry, mainly in airport sector but not only.



Social, environmental and economic concerns are permanent within the group and are managed according to a responsible general policy and through daily actions.